By | May 6, 2020
Harvest of Johnston PA dispensary waiting room

Harvest of Johnstown Cannabis Dispensary Opens in Pennsylvania

Map of Johnstown Pennsylvania
Several of the benefits of cannabis are well known. It can help relieve chronic pain, fight depression and help ease the muscle spasms felt by people who are paralyzed or have multiple sclerosis. Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, Harvest Health & Recreation, Inc. is one of the leading companies that provides cannabis to patients and caregivers. As a vertically integrated cannabis company, it has a large footprint in the United States, which allows it to provide high-quality cannabis products to several individuals. This activity also assists in employing 1700 people who work at the facilities operated by this cannabis company.

Harvest of Johnstown Is Introduced to Pennsylvania Residents

Harvest of Johnston PA dispensary waiting roomHarvest Health & Recreation, Inc. has been committed for the past nine years to expand its Harvest House of Cannabis wholesale and retail presence. Their mission for profitability, growth and to serve the community has led to a cannabis company consisting of more than 210 facilities, which are located across 18 states and territories. In November of 2019-2020, they announced the opening of Harvest of Johnstown dispensary, which is their fourth dispensary located in Pennsylvania. With the expansion of this retail cannabis dispensary, the company continues to scale its business efficiently. Sharing the benefits and goodness of cannabis to patients and caregivers in each community is one of the goals of Harvest. With the announcement of this opening, it adds one more cannabis retail dispensary to their operations and provides another way for individuals to get the cannabis required to help ease their ailments.

Continuing to Provide High-Quality Cannabis Products

One of the advantages of visiting the new cannabis retail dispensary in Johnstown or any of their other retail outlets becomes apparent when you talk with their team of experts. Individuals who are new to using cannabis will feel welcomed and shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions. Each individual who is employed by this cannabis company is happy and eager to discuss the different strains that are offered and why one strain might be more beneficial than others for specific uses. Individuals who are more experienced utilizing cannabis products should also find the staff at this cannabis company helpful.

Harvest also continues to distribute high-quality cannabis products with the opening of Harvest of Johnstown. Whether you’re interested in using flowers, concentrates, tinctures or other cannabis-based products, you’ll discover that they meet the high standards you expect when using cannabis.

Harvest CEO Steve White Is Happy to Provide Another Top-Notch Cannabis Retail Experience

Harvest CEO Steve White

Harvest CEO Steve White was excited about the new opening in Johnstown and made comments regarding the company’s “promise to increase accessibility to trusted, top-notch cannabis retail experiences.” This new dispensary adds one more retail outlet where Harvest can expand its mission to improve the lives of individuals and become the most valuable cannabis company in the world.

If you’re a qualified patient or caregiver and you’re interested in visiting Harvest of Johnstown, you’ll find it open from 9 AM to 6 PM Tuesday through Saturday at 339 Main Street. If you live in Scranton, you’ll also find a Harvest-affiliated dispensary at this location or two retail outlets if you reside in or around Reading, Pennsylvania.