By | October 27, 2020
rolling joints at home with ocb papers
How to Roll a Joint

The most common way to enjoy cannabis is to smoke it. And there are several ways to get that done – roll a joint like an expert, put it in a pipe, or use a bong. But in addition to smoking, there are other ways to enjoy cannabis. For example, you can add cannabis as an ingredient to your favorite baked treat. But rolling a joint is probably the most relaxing way to get your cannabis.

What You Need to Know About Rolling Papers

Rolling a joint is an honored pastime among cannabis aficionados. But recent innovations have had an impact on the activity of rolling a joint. And the most notable innovation is the invention of flavored rolling papers.

Flavored rolling papers enhance the taste of the cannabis. It provides a totally different taste and experience than that provided by traditional rolling papers.

Rolling papers come in all types of flavors – cherry, watermelon, banana, grape, and more. There’s a flavor to appeal to every cannabis smoker.

Rolling papers are also available in various sizes. Larger papers are best for passing around and sharing with a group of friends or other smokers. Smaller papers are ideal for sharing a joint with one other person or alone.

The brand of rolling paper can affect its taste. You might need to try a few before finding your favorite brand. But with a little research, you’ll find the ideal rolling paper for your needs.

How to Roll a Joint Properly

Rolling a joint isn’t the easiest thing to do. It actually takes practice, just like any other skill. But first, before you can smoke anything, you need to finely grind your flower. Grinding it into powdered form isn’t necessary, but you must grind it enough to fit smoothly into the rolling paper.

After your cannabis is ready, create a filter at one end of the joint. It doesn’t matter which end, but the filter is the base of the joint. Next, evenly fill the rolling paper with your cannabis.

Pack the joint as neatly as possible, as that makes the joint easier to handle. Uneven packing can create poor airflow, and cause a messy and lopsided burn. Not a good experience at all.

The final step is to hold each end of the rolling paper with the tips of your fingers. Begin rolling the joint by folding one end of the rolling paper into the other. When your joint is neatly rolled into shape, lick it across the top for a quick seal.

You might want to leave a bit of room at the end of the joint. Some smokers believe a bit of breathing room creates a smoother smoking experience.

The Art of Rolling a Joint

Different smokers have different joint rolling methods. A method that works for one person might not work for you. But experimenting with various methods will help you find the exact style that you prefer. Before you know it, you’ll have mastered the art of rolling a joint.

It’s possible you don’t want to roll your own joint. Just because you want to smoke a joint doesn’t mean you want to roll it. We have pre-rolls that make smoking a joint simple. View an online menu for a strain list or to see what your local dispensary offers or why not check Google maps for the nearest cannabis store near you.